Amendments for applying for Indian CDC

The Indian Continuous Discharge Certificate or C.D.C. as it is popularly referred to has been a scourge for many aspiring seafarers with unscrupulous agents duping the unwary into parting with large sums of money for a document that can be easily applied for. The rules for applying for the CDC used to be quite detailed with requirements for a pre-sea course, STCW courses, various age requirements for different ranks as well varying minimum qualifications right from 8th standard pass to a degree from a professional university.

As of 13th January 2018, applications for C.D.C. under the M.S. (CDC) Rules 2001 have stopped being accepted, though all CDC’s issued under that notice would continue to remain valid until their date of expiry.

Indian CDC

As per M.S. Notice 1 of 2018, applications for the Indian CDC will now have a simplified requirement and procedure.

The eligibility for getting the Indian CDC has been simplified to a 10th pass requirement and completion of the 5 basic STCW courses. Of course, one would need to hold an Indian passport and also be deemed medically fit.

The fees for the document are INR 700 and the whole process can be completed online with the document being mailed to the applicant’s home.

Eligibility for fresh CDC applications:

a. Citizen of India

b. Medically fit and possess a valid certificate in the form prescribed under Annexure IV and V of the Merchant Shipping (Medical Examination) Rules, 2015, to the effect that he is medically fit to be employed onboard ships.
c. Should have completed the following familiarization courses in an approved training institute and hold a certificate to that effect:
1. Personal Survival Techniques (PST)  or  Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (PSCRB)
2. Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FPFF)  or  Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF)
3. Elementary First Aid (EFA)  or  Medical First Aid (MFA)  or Medical Care (MC)
4. Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR)
5. Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties (STSDSD)  or  Ship Security Officer (SSO)
d. Not less than 18 years of age
e. Must have passed 10th standard

Guidelines for submitting fresh CDC applications:

a. Click on the link “CDC Application” to apply for a fresh CDC.

b. Fill in the application & submit the data.

c. All fields marked by an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

d. Personal details will automatically be populated against the INDOS. If the data needs to be modified, the applicant is required to contact INDOS cell prior to submission of application.

e. If the five mandatory STCW courses are not updated/submitted in the e-Governance system by the respective institutes, the applicant cannot apply for CDC application. He is required to contact the respective MTI (Maritime Training Institute).

f. Once the data is successfully submitted, please proceed to pay the requisite fee using the e-Governance e-payment system. No other mode of payment will be accepted.

g. After successful payment please upload the required documents. The applicant cannot upload documents until payment is done successfully.

h. The applicant may check his status of the application using the link “View Application Status”. Once the application is approved, the CDC will be sent through Speed Post and an automated system mail will be sent mentioning the speed post number.

The Merchant Shipping Notice 01 of 2018 can be read here.

Ease of applying for the documents is a commendable move by the ministry and along with their steps for e-migration for seafarers proceeding for overseas jobs, one can only hope that the exploitation of seafarers by nefarious agents will be quickly brought to a close.



33 thoughts on “Amendments for applying for Indian CDC

      1. Hi the Cdc application got rejected due to passport upload not completely done. But it’s not allowing to upload the document on the current application.
        I think a new application has to be submitted again.
        Can you advise?


      2. How should I update fathers name – is it last name, first name n then middle name
        Secondly – next of kin can it be spouses name.
        Also should I mention Goa board or Goa board of secondary high school which is mentioned in the ssc


  1. Sir I have done all my stcw training and medical for my cdc but due to some personal problem I have appeared my class but did not give my final exam in the year 1992 but have a school certificate of class 10 please advise what should I do?


  2. I was visit to seaman club (MMD) watch keeping office that time, I was said to government person what about rule for new 700 rupee CDC to watch keeping, he said no any other rule for new CDC, still can`t apply for watch keeping new INDIAN CDC holder, that time I was totally blank because


    1. Are you saying they told you that a new CDC holder cannot apply for a watchkeeping certificate?
      If you are a new CDC holder you need to join as a trainee rating and only then can you go up to getting a watchkeeping certificate.


      1. hai sir,my brother took indian CDC on 10 base,i.e new CDC without any training of GP,and he has already joined onboard ship in an offshore company,can he apply for watchkeeping after successful completion of contract,and how many months does a new indian CDC on 10th base need time onboard to apply for a watchkeepin,as he is in engine side,it would be of great help for me to aquire this information on genuine bases.
        thank you


  3. 1st I was visit mmd I said what is the difference between both CDC they said only difference is no rank mentioned on new CDC, this is CDC hospitality, bartender, shopkeeper and I said about watch keeping so I visit to watch keeping department that time they said still no any rule for watch keeping for new CDC, may be in future rule will be come minimum after 15 months sea experience, but still no any rule for watch keeping, I also visit in many company they told me no job for new cdc because dg shipping rule is minimum gp rating course is must, SO MANY AGENT AVAILABLE THEY SENT TO DUBAI, IRAN, IRAQ BUT WHAT ABOUT FUTURE…


  4. Sir, my application for new Indian CDC has been rejected due to not submission of the first pages of the Passport having photo and sign of the authority. How can I upload the document. Or could I send the document direct in the email ID of DG Shipping Mumbai as I had applied from here. Kindly suggest.


    1. You can log into your profile and via that application you will be able to upload the required documents.
      Once you upload the documents and submit you cannot upload till they reject. Now that they have rejected it, you should be able to upload the correct documents again.
      If you send it to the DG shipping email id it will not be accepted.


  5. Sir,
    I applied for CDC according to new STCW course rule, i want to work in engine department on board.
    It is around 20 days of application.But still no status is shown.
    So i want to know how many time it will take to arrive CDC after applying.


  6. I having valid CDC issued (2012) on basis of GMDSS goc initially for two year and now renewed for ten years.
    on cdc there is limitation stamp not to sail toward rating and no sailing experience will be count other then radio officer.
    can i change and apply for new one. I am having 5 years on shore experience as radio officer
    pls guide me …


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