Update: Sanchi ablaze off the China coast

15th January 2018

The Panama-registered tanker, Sanchi sank on Sunday after an explosion rocked it sending flames shooting skyward. The Sanchi had been ablaze for a week after it collided with CF Crystal with rough weather, toxic smoke and explosions hampering rescue efforts. Continue reading “Update: Sanchi ablaze off the China coast”

Tumultuous start to 2018 with 7 collisions in 7 days

Shipping hasn’t had the best of starts in 2018 with collisions dominating the news within the first week of the year itself. Seven days into the new year and we already have seven collisions spoken about. Mind you, seven collisions… not including groundings, floodings or even stuck in frozen locks. Continue reading “Tumultuous start to 2018 with 7 collisions in 7 days”