Day of the Seafarer – 25th June 2018

Another year has passed by and we’ve come to another celebration of the Day of the Seafarer. So what exactly is the Day of the Seafarer or DotS, as it is popularly referred to on social media campaigns?  Continue reading “Day of the Seafarer – 25th June 2018”

What is the Barcelona Convention?


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The last week or so has seen a spate of WhatsApp forwards doing the rounds regarding a ship being cautioned in a Mediterranean port regarding possibly violating the Barcelona Convention by incinerating garbage whilst sailing through the Mediterranean. Continue reading “What is the Barcelona Convention?”

Maritime Cybersecurity Developments

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As we enter 2018,  maritime cybersecurity, which seems to have been widely discussed amongst our peers in the preceding years, seems set to be taken a step further with more and more classification societies looking into setting up their framework to deal with a class approval for a cyber-secure maritime eco-space.

Risk management is fundamental Continue reading “Maritime Cybersecurity Developments”

U.S. Coast Guard tightens ballast water compliance


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An alert posted by Gard on 18th Dec 2017 states how the USCG (U.S. Coast Guard) is now phasing out ballast water exchange and compliance date extensions as temporary options for compliance with the U.S. ballast water regulation since shipowners are now able to select and install a USCG type approved ballast water treatment system. Continue reading “U.S. Coast Guard tightens ballast water compliance”

Electronic Oil Record Book (ε-ORB) by Liberian Registry

Back on June 06 2016, the Liberian Registry announced the launching of the Electronic Oil Record Book (ε-ORB) in partnership with Prevention at Sea Ltd., a Cyprus-based maritime compliance technology company. It is, for all practical purposes, a software product designed to replace traditional oil record books (ORB) and to facilitate correct ORB entries into an efficient electronic format. Continue reading “Electronic Oil Record Book (ε-ORB) by Liberian Registry”