What is a Register of Shipping?

Ship registration is the process by which a ship is documented and then given the nationality of the country to which the ship has been documented. This registration allows the ship to sail across the globe as it is proof of ownership of the vessel.

Every merchant ship is required by International law Continue reading “What is a Register of Shipping?”

Electronic Oil Record Book (ε-ORB) by Liberian Registry

Back on June 06 2016, the Liberian Registry announced the launching of the Electronic Oil Record Book (ε-ORB) in partnership with Prevention at Sea Ltd., a Cyprus-based maritime compliance technology company. It is, for all practical purposes, a software product designed to replace traditional oil record books (ORB) and to facilitate correct ORB entries into an efficient electronic format. Continue reading “Electronic Oil Record Book (ε-ORB) by Liberian Registry”