International Day of the Seafarer 2019 – Get Onboard With Gender Equality

International Day of the Seafarer is celebrated every year on 25th June and this year the theme is ‘Get Onboard With Gender Equality’ and the social media campaign has been encouraging people to use #IAmOnboard to tweet or post their support for gender equality in shipping.

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488 Indian Seafarers may have certificates suspended by DG Shipping within a week

Close on the heels of the MCA, UK revoking the accredition of an institute in India for providing sub-standard training for the modular STCW courses, comes the news that the DG Shipping has taken action against another institute on similar grounds.

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What can we take onboard the ship?

Time and again this question has been asked by many a newcomer in this profession. What all do I need to carry with me?

Generally one can assume that he/she will be flying to the destination where they will be joining the ship. So when packing the bags one must be familiar with the luggage limitations per piece of baggage, the total baggage allowance as well as the number of pieces of baggage as they vary from airline to airline.

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Tankers attacked off the coast of Iran

Update: 13-09-2019 2100 hrs
The attack happened in the Gulf of Oman, off the coast of Iran.
Iranian News Agency has reported that the “Front Altair’ has sunk.

13-06-2019: At position 25-26.0N 057-22.4E, vessel ‘Front Altair’ was attacked by a torpedo, and is on fire. Another vessel “Kokuka Courageous’ was also attacked.

‘Front Altair’ is a 110,000 dwt tanker operated by Frontline Ltd. It’s crew were forced to abandon the vessel and have been rescued by ‘Hyundai Dubai’ which was in the vicinity and no injuries have been reported.

Front Altair on fire
img courtesy: Whatsapp

‘Kokuka Courageous’, a chemical tanker operated by Bernard Schulte, was also hit by a torpedo and it now has a breach in the hull above the waterline. The crew have been reported safe with one minor injury reported.

Passageway of Front Altair when it was attacked.

Just over a month ago, 4 ships were sabotaged in a mine attack off Fujairah. The incident was being investigated and a report submitted to the UN Security Council had noted that “While investigations are still ongoing, these facts are strong indications that the four attacks were part of a sophisticated and coordinated operation carried out by an actor with significant operational capacity, most likely a state actor”.

One can only hope that quick and punitive action is taken to find and punish the so-called ‘state actors’ who threaten the lives of innocent seamen in their political pursuits.

Cruise ship crashes into tourist boat in Venice

MSC Opera, a cruise ship with MSC Cruises, was pulling into a berth in the Giudecca canal in Venice when it crashed into a dock and a tourist boat early on Sunday morning injuring multiple people.

The crash took place around 8:30 am local time on 02nd June when the ship was maneuvering towards the cruise terminals in Venice As the ship pulled in, accompanied by tugboats, it collided with the dock at San Basilio and a river boat that was moored there said Alyssa Goldfarb, director of public relations for MSC Cruises. As per Gazzettino, the local newspaper in Venice, the collision caused several people from the smaller boat to fall into the water. At least five people are reported injured.

Videos shot at the scene show terrified passeners from the river boat fleeing onto the berth as the cruise ship plows into the dock and the river boat.The hull of the river boat was severely damaged as was seen in images posted on Twitter.

The ship was later moved to the Marittima terminal, as planned, where it will carry out passenger boarding and disembarking and officials are investigating the cause of the crash said Goldfarb.

The crash stalled boat traffic in the famed canal and has ignited calls for restrictions to be placed on cruise ships in the city. More than 100 people were aboard the tourist boat while the MSC Opera can carry more than 2,675 passengers.

Warning: The videos may be distressing for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. Video 1 shot from the cruise ship and Video 2 shot from the berth by personnel fleeing the river boat.